Why be a lazy traveler?

I started this blog for lazy travelers in Southeast Asia.

What exactly is a lazy traveler? It's not as bad as it sounds! I love adventure, and have traveled all over Southeast Asia by plane, train, ferry, horse cart, and other increasingly sketchy modes of transportation. I've explored ancient ruins and trekked through dense jungle mountains. But sometimes, you just want to sit on the beach.

beach in thailand
an island in Thailand

I work full time in Bangkok, Thailand. I don't have nearly as much time to travel as I would like, and most of my holidays are weekends or short trips out of the city. After working so hard, I don't always have the energy or time to plan a big adventure. I understand the importance of sometimes allowing yourself to be a lazy traveler.

This isn't exactly a blog for tourists. It's more a blog for travelers who just want to take it easy for a few days. Here, I'll write all about:

Islands and Beaches
Relaxing Resorts
Cheap and Easy Getaways
Both Popular Destinations and Unseen Gems

This blog is about the affordable and easy weekend trips that you can take. I have a few requirements for the places that I will write about. Each destination must be:

- within a few hours of a major city (i.e. an international airport)
- relatively easy to get to
- relaxing and stress-free for the hard-working expat or tired traveler to unwind
- affordable for even an expat English teacher's budget

I'll tell you how to get there, how many hours it takes from the nearest city, what to do, and how to travel there cheaply while still enjoying comfort.

Do you have a suggestion or recommendation of a destination that I should review and write about for you here? Let me know in the comments below.